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Rescues of American Eskimo Dogs
by the AED Organization Of Vancouver
"Vancouver Reskies"

Vancouver Reskies consists of members of the American Eskimo Dogs Organization of Vancouver  who are dedicated to saving the lives of American Eskimo Dogs in Canada.  We help Eskie rescues by helping to find a suitable loving forever home.  

Our mission is to:

Save American Eskimo dogs from unnecessary euthanasia and situations of neglect. We assist American Eskimo Dogs whose owners can no longer provide a permanent home by helping them find suitable loving forever homes.

Here is how we can help:

1. We have a list of applicants who have applied to take in a rescued Eskie. Please email a photo and details of the Eskie that needs rescue and we will forward this to our list of people who have applied to adopt an Eskie. Be sure to include name, age, sex, neutered/spayed, vaccinations, health information and any details about the Eskie important for new owners to know. These details will also be forwarded to our members in case a member is prepared to adopt another Eskie.  We will also post photo and info on our website home page and this Rescue web page.

2. If you live in Canada, we urge you to place a free advertisement in Canada's largest free classifieds ads site, This is a highly trafficked website and you are sure to get lots of response to your ad. People have reported to us that they were able to re-home their Eskie within a few days. Owners are able to screen applicants directly and this helps all around to find the most suitable new forever home. Choose to place your ad in the largest city close to where you live. There is a section to advertise pets," free to donate". For example, for Vancouver, this is the page to advertise:

3. Feel free to post about the Eskie rescue on our Facebook page:

4. If your Eskie is in an EMERGENCY situation where re-homing is required immediately, ESKIE RESKIES may be able to help. We are located in beautiful mountainside forest just east of Chilliwack, BC. Our home includes half a dozen Miniature American Eskimos, as well as two Bernese Mountain dogs to actually be able to ward off the bears, not just "think" they can :). We rehabilitate American Eskimos of any size/cross in a loving, experienced home and take great care in finding new furever homes for them. We ask for $100 surrender fee as well as $100 adoption fee (but will not turn away those who can't pay). Donations cannot be tax receipted but are gratefully accepted, as are donations of dog food and supplies.  To contact ESKIE RESKIES directly, please email Sue Truscott at or call 604-795-6717  

"This is an amazing group of people very dedicated to their breed. This organization was instrumental in helping me home a dog that may have been difficult to re-home. These wonderful people were extremely helpful and I learned a lot about the breed from them and their website. American Eskimo Dogs Organization Vancouver help support other rescue societies in their time of need. I invite you to check out their website to see what organizations they help with and if you are interested in learning more about American Eskimos."

Vicki Stafford
Sammy's Pet Boarding
Athabasca, AB

Have You Lost Your Eskie?
A local Vancouver company, has developed facial recognition technology for pets and set-up an Amber Alert system people can subscribe to for $1.49 per month. People take a photo of their pet and upload it. If their pet goes missing, alerts go out to vets, shelters & social media to help find their pet. This app is currently available for iPhones and will soon be available for android devices.


Please Consider Making A Donation

We are funded through private donations. Our financial resources are limited. Please consider making a donation to our Rescues Fund to help us save the lives of Eskies.  No amount is too small.  Every penny counts and can make a difference between life and death for an American Eskimo dog in need.  Know that 100% of your donation goes towards saving the lives of American Eskimo dogs.


Eskie Rescue Alert

If you know of an Eskie who needs rescue, please fill out the form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible.
For emergencies, please call 604-929-9279.

Your Name:
Your Email:
Your Phone Number:
Your Location:
Eskie Location:
Eskie age:
Is the Eskie male of female?
How is the Eskie's health?
Does the Eskie have any behaviour issues?

Please tell us about this Eskie Rescue



Eskie Rescue Adoption Application

If you are interested in adopting an Eskie who has been rescued and is currently being fostered by the American Eskimo Dogs Organization of Vancouver Rescues, please fill out the Adoption Application form found by clicking here.  Your name will be added to our mailing list and when an Eskie becomes available for adoption, you will be notified via email.  If you respond to our email, we will phone you and then meet with you in person to screen you for adoption. Our objective is to find the most suitable forever home for the rescued Eskie. 

PLEASE NOTE:   Eskies are a rare breed.  On average we will rescue about 10 dogs a year.  We appreciate your interest in adopting a rescue, however, you may be waiting for a few months for an adoption.  If you want to get an Eskie now, we recommend you contact the individual breeders listed on our breeders page.  Often breeders will also know of Eskie rescues available for adoption.


SPCA Eskie Rescues

Unfortunately, we have seen an increasing number of American Eskimo dogs appear at BC branches of the SPCA notably at the Vancouver, Surrey and Coquitlam SPCA's. Hardly a month doesn't go by without an Eskie being put up for adoption at one of the SPCA's. People move, get divorced and strays are found. The SPCA dog adoption fee is $299 and there is an application form to fill out. BC branches have a no-kill policy unlike many American branches.

You can find out if an Eskie might be available at one of the SPCA's by calling the branches. Officials from the SPCA's say that the list of available dogs for adoption on their site is not always up-to-date so it's best to call to check.

Eskie Rescues on

The largest web site listing American Eskimo Dogs up for adoption at shelters and rescue organizations is  You can visit the site directly or go to our home page and fill in the Petfinder search box at the bottom of the page. Just type in dog, American Eskimo and your postal code or zip code and a list of Eskies up for adoption closest to you will result.

There are non-profit organizations, mainly family homes, that are dedicated to rescuing American Eskimo Dogs who have been found as strays or put into shelters with kill policies.  Without Rescues, unfortunately a number of Eskies would not be alive today.  If you are considering adopting an Eskie, we urge you to contact an Eskie Rescue group near you.  Many Eskie Rescues will transport the Eskie to you for a small fee. Their aim is to find a good home for the rescued Eskie. Rescued Eskies often make the most loving pets. 

Canadian Eskie Rescues

Pawzie-tively Precious American Eskimo Rescue - Serving Hamilton area in southern Ontario.

American Eskie Rescues

Eskie Rescuers United American Eskimo Dog Rescue, Inc., Mount Vernon, Washington

The American Eskimo Dog Association of Washington State

Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue

American Eskimo Rescue and Sanctuary of Iowa

American Eskimo Rescue of St. Louis

Eskie Rescuers United American Eskimo Dog Rescue, Inc., Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Heart Bandits American Eskimo Dog Rescue with 32 Rescues in 20 States

New Leash On Life American Eskimo Dog Rescue, Texas

Northeast Tennessee Rescue

Sun Shadows American Eskimo Dog Rescue

TENDER LOVING CANINE RESCUE Specializing in the American Eskimo, Ohio

Shelters and Rescues in Washington State and Oregon

Benton-Franklin Humane Society

Eskie Rescuers United

Oregon Humane Society in Portland

Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in Lynwood, WA

Seattle Humane Society

Spokane Humane Society

Spokane County Regional Animal Protection (SCRAPS)

SpokAnimal Care

Blue Mountain Humane Society in Walla Walla
400 Mini Eskies Rescued From Puppy Mill 
in Washington State, May 29th

"One of the largest puppy mill raids in the country with some of the worst conditions officials have ever seen"  according to Seattle Humane Society

Watch the story:  

Komo 4 News        msnbc

Seattle Humane Society

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