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American Eskimo Dog Breeders

The American Eskimo dog is bred in 3 sizes.  The Standard size can be up to 19 inches at the shoulders, the Miniature up to 15 inches and the Toy up to 9 inches at the shoulders.  A large Standard size male, as seen in the above image on the far right, can weigh up to 50 pounds.

The American Eskimo Dog as a breed almost became extinct back in 1969. The breed has since become more popular in recent years, however, it is relatively small in population in comparison to other breeds of dogs.  The American Kennel Club has stated that there are about 1,000 registered American Eskimo dogs in the USA.  Twenty five years ago, you could go anywhere in the city or travel across the country for that matter and never see an Eskie. These days, you are bound to run into one now and then.

There are few breeders of American Eskimo Dogs in Canada and the USA. Although the breed is rare, they are typically not expensive in comparison to popular breeds. You should be able to buy an Eskie for a reasonable price in the range of $400 to $1,000 for a Standard Eskie.  This is much less than you would pay at a mall pet store. You will of course pay more for an Eskie with an extensive pedigree. Summer time is usually when more puppies are available. Don't be disappointed if you have to get on a waiting list. Your best strategy is to contact as many breeders as you can and get on their waiting lists.  Good luck !

Importing An American Eskimo Dog From The USA

Importing a puppy into Canada from the USA is not as complicated as it may seem. All you need is a Vaccination Certificate, a transport crate and an airline ticket.  

If the puppy is less than 3 months old, basic vaccinations are required such as distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza virus. No Rabies vaccination certificate is required. If the puppy is 3 months old or older, it must have its Rabies vaccination in addition to basic vaccinations in order for it to be allowed entry into Canada unless it comes from a Rabies Free Country. For specific requirements, visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Puppies have to be a minimum of 15 weeks old in the USA and Canada before they can get a Rabies vaccination. Evidence in the form of a Rabies Certificate issued by the veterinarian who administered the vaccination needs to accompany the puppy when it comes into Canada. This is usually in an envelope that is attached to the puppy crate.

In addition, you will need to get a transport crate which you can ask the breeder to buy on your behalf. These are usually around $100 or less. You will also need an airline ticket. These cost between $50 to $100 depending on the airline. Try to arrange for a direct flight from the breeders home town to where you live. American Airlines (see requirements) is the best to use for transporting your puppy from the USA to Canada. Within Canada, use West Jet (see requirements). Because dogs are transported in the cargo hold of an aircraft which is neither heated in the winter or cooled in the summer, try to arrange the transport of the puppy either in the spring or in the fall when temperatures are neither extremely hot or cold.  In the summer,  you can arrange for an evening flight when temperatures are cooler.  Usually airlines provide guidelines for acceptable temperatures to transport dogs and will advise you which flights are eligible for dog transport.

There is no need to sedate your Eskie puppy for a flight. You will also have to clear your puppy through Canada Customs. When the puppy arrives at the cargo terminal, you need to take the paperwork to a Canada Customs office at the terminal and present the papers. You may or may not be asked to pay a small import duty.

Contact Us If You Are An American Eskimo Dog Breeder

If you are a breeder of American Eskimo dogs, we would love to hear from you.  If you would like to see your name on the list below as an Eskie breeder or you have an Eskie that is available for adoption, please email us with your particulars and we will post your information promptly.  We receive many inquires for Eskie dogs.

Standard Size Breeders
in Canada

(alphabetical order by kennel)

Chelsea's CB's American Eskimos
Quesnel, BC
Home to CKC Champion Koda
#1 Toy American Eskimo in Canada in 2012
Contact: Chelsea
phone:  1-250-991-1216 or 1-250-747-1632
Facebook web page
We test for PRA

Nuuktok American Eskimos
2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, Best of Breed, Westminster Kennel Club
2015 - 4th in Non-Sporting Good, Westminster Kennel Club
Caledon, Ontario
Contact: Sharon Robertson
phone: 519-942-0075

Phantomrun Eskies
Hanmer, Ontario
Contact: Wanda Pepin

White Phantom Kennels
Susan Noden
R.R. #2
New Norway, AB. T0B 3L0
phone: 780-855-2577
american eskimo dog breeders canada

Standard Size Breeders
in the USA

(alphabetical order by kennel)

Washington State

AngelHeart Eskies
SeaTac, Washington
Contact: Lynn McClure
phone:  206-419-8977

Crystal Cavern Eskies
Tacoma, Washington
phone:  253-536-6673

Island American Eskimos
Camano Island, Washington
Contact Rob Brown
phone:  425-443-2101

Ms. Wiz Eskies
Contact: Barbara & Aspen Davidoff or

Mystic American Eskimos
2008 Westminster Kennel Club, Award Of Merit
Woodinville, Washington
Contact Karen Scholz
phone:  425-788-4194

Nordic Whispers
Shoreline, Washington
Contact Diane Cowles
phone:  206-335-4610 or 206-546-3179

Sterling American Eskimos
Contact: Christinn Cunningham
phone: 360-386-8334

Voyager Eskies
Kelso, Washington
Contact Vanessa or David
phone:  503-887-6860 or 503-709-0424

Other States
(alphabetical order by kennel)

ABC Kennel in California
Contact: Arlene Grimes
phone: 918-856-0806

Alpine American Eskimos
Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Anana American Eskimos in Illinois
Facebook page:
Contact: Kathleen and Stephanie Strunk
phone: 815-266-9536

Banaer American Eskimos
Houston, Texas

Besota American Eskimos
2008 Westminster Kennel Club, Best Of Opposite Winner
Port Lavaca, Texas
phone:  361-552-9083

Debonair American Eskimos
Krum, Texas
Contact: Debbie Mitchell
phone:  940-482-3699

Eros American Eskimos
Dillwyn, Virgina
phone:  434-392-7415

Fuji American Eskimos
Chanhassen, Minnesota
phone:  952-949-0197

Kiva American Eskimos
Camp Verde, Arizona
phone:  928-567-1434

Kadocs American Eskimos
Sherwood, Michigan
phone: 517-741-3754

Pikatti American Eskimos in Indiana
Contact: Jenifer Brimmer
phone: 317-640-9782

R-tic American Eskimos
Farmville, Virginia
phone:  434-392-9886

Silveroaks Kennel
California and Washington
2010 Westminster Kennel Club Winner for  
Best of Opposite Sex and the Award Of Merit
in the Best of Breed Competition
phone:  650-572-2575

Sierra American Eskimos in Indiana
Contact: Joe or Diana Allen
phone: 812-343-5375 or 812-526-6682

Shalom Kennels
San Antonio, Texas
Contact: Susan & Ernie De La Paz
phone:  210-414-2067

Sun Shadows American Eskimos
Lawrenceville, Georgia
phone:  770-963-6120

Wachusett American Eskimos
2008 Westminster Kennel Club Best of Opposite Winner
BOS at the 2008 AEDCA National Specialty
First Award of Excellence at the 2008 UKC National
74 South Ashburnham Road
Westminster, MA 01473-1111
Contact: SallyEllen Schilling
phone:  978-874-5889

White Shadows American Eskimos
Monroe, Michigan
phone: 989-390-6659

Wine Country American Eskimo Dogs
Contact: Sue Lunsford
phone: 707-235-2835 day
707-526-1757 evening

Wright's American Eskimos
St. Louis area, Missouri
Contact: Theresa Wright
phone:  573-384-5043

american eskimo dog breeders USA

american eskimo dog breeders USA

Toy and Miniature Breeders in Canada

(alphabetical order by kennel)

Carara American Eskimos
Jeannie Halmo
Calgary, Alberta
phone: 403-852-3910

Chelsea's CB's American Eskimos
Quesnel, BC
Home to CKC Champion Koda
#1 Toy American Eskimo
in Canada in 2012
phone:  1-250-991-1216 or
Facebook page
We test for PRA

Eisbar American Eskimos
PO Box 477
Port Alice, BC V0N 2N0
phone:  250-209-7907

Greenfield Kennels
400 Darling Road RR2
Canfield, Ontario N0A 1C0
phone:  905-774-4780

Ice White Kennel
Mini American Eskimos

Deborah Secondino
1454 Memory Lane
Qualicum Beach, BC
V9K 2A9
phone:  250-752-4163

Kiskapoo Kennels
P.O. Box 1574
Brooks, Alberta
T1R 1C4
phone:  403-362-7399

Langans Kennel
at Driftwood Ranch

Box 450
Beaverlodge, Alberta
phone:  780-356-3769

Paulas Polar Pups
Paula Gammie
NAEDAC Director BC Region
Top 5 Toy Eskies in Canada 2006, 2007, 2008
Box 3646
Fort Nelson BC V0C 1R0
phone:  250-774-6592
or cell:  250-775-0246
fax:  250-774-3187

White Phantom Kennels
Susan Noden
R.R. #2
New Norway, AB. T0B 3L0
Phone: 780-855-2577

Wynneira American Eskimos
#1 Toy 2013-2016 and #1 Mini 2016
Kellie James
2045 Ingot Drive
Cobble Hill, BC
V0R 1L6
Phone: 1-250-701-2373


Toy and Miniature Breeders in USA

(alphabetical order by kennel)

Amar Kennel
Mini's and Toys
Burgaw, North Carolina
Contact: Anne Marie Meek
phone: 910-540-7545 or
or 910-540-5038

Artic Magic Eskies Mini's and Toys
Contact: Jane Wood
phone: 214-566-6609

Desert Rose Toy Eskies
Contact Tracy Churchill

HH Farms (Mini's)
Contact: Denise and Mark Hutton
phone 925-372-6366

Kandia American Eskimo Dogs
North Carolina
Contact: Helen Dick
phone: 508-747-1272

Shalom Kennels Mini's
San Antonio, Texas
Contact: Susan & Ernie De La Paz
phone: 210-414-2067

Snowfox Kennel
Contact: Katherine Smith
phone: 413-221-8822

Sno-Pals Miniature American Eskimos
Central Wisconsin
Contact: Joyce Ellenbecker
phone:  715-652-3349

StaFra Toy and Miniature American Eskimos
AKC and UKC, Optigen, OFA
Stacy and Frank Morgan, Jr.
601 Asaville School Road
Anderson, SC 29621
phone: 864-296-0522

Stardust Mini's and Toys
Contact: Laurie Boles
phone: 512-360-4509

Tee's American Eskimos
Contact Bonnie Lee
phone: 404-766-0604

Z Best Toy American Eskimos
Contact: Laraine Zurline
phone: 503-931-1730


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