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Feeding American Eskimo Dogs

The feeding of American Eskimo dogs is much the same as it is for most other small to mid size breeds.  The Eskie has a refined and sophisticated palette and will train you quickly as to what he or she will or will not eat.

If you have an Eskie puppy, most breeders will recommend a combination of dry and moist food, brands. Be sure to check out the FDA pet food recall list for a complete listing of all pet foods that have been recalled before you decide what to feed your Eskie. There are currently 109 brands of dog food on the FDA pet food recall list.

Natura, based in California is a dog food manufacturer, never recalled. One of their premium brands that is popular with Eskies is Karma Organic dry dog food which is USDA certified as 95% organic.  Believe it or not, Eskies like the stuff. Natura also makes a dog biscuit very popular with Eskies called Mother Nature, Scooter & Friends Mini Biscuits   These treats are given to our Eskies at our Eskie Events.  You can see them begging for these mini biscuits in our videos.  The Karma dry dog food and biscuits are available at Tisol's with 6 locations in the lower mainland. 

Be careful not to switch dog food brands often as this can sometimes cause gastrointestinal discomfort resulting in vomiting or diarrhea. When changing food brands, blend in a mixture of the old brand and new brand together and gradually introduce the new brand to your Eskie.  Do this over a period of three days on average.  This technique applies regardless of their age.

Dangerous Items That Will Poison Your Eskie

Cocoa Mulch - garden mulch made from shells of the cocoa bean
Aspirin and Tylenol
Raw bread dough
Macademia nuts
Grapes and Raisins
Oleander, Mistletoe and Lily Plants
Antiseptic Mouthwash or anything containing boric acid
Fabric softener sheets
Ice melt and anti-freeze
Xylitol - a sugar substitute found in gum and packaged foods

Certain items and foods are known to be toxic for dogs. If fed these items, serious illness or death can occur.  Of course household cleaning products and other items around the house that you would consider dangerous for ingestion by your child are also dangerous for your American Eskimo dog to ingest. So keep any product that could threaten the life of your dog in a safe place where they can not access it.

Watch For Allergies

Some American Eskimo dogs have a strong stomach and can easily eat a variety of foods without any unpleasant side effects.  However, some Eskies have a much more delicate constitution and can not tolerate some foods.  You may even find your Eskie can be allergic to some foods such as salmon.  A violent reaction such as continuous vomiting will tell you that your Eskie has an allergy.  Take your dog to the veterinarian right away.  Dehydration and other complications may evolve quickly so you need to seek medical attention quickly to deter possible serious illness. When introducing a new food to your dog, be sure to give only a small portion at first.  If after a few hours, there are no symptoms of illness, then you know your Eskie can tolerate the new food and you can introduce the new food into his or her diet.

Avoid Raw Hide Chews

Some veterinarians have advised against providing Eskies with raw hide chews. Raw hide chews are available in any pet store and at your local supermarket.  If your dog does not properly chew and break down the raw hide, there is a chance that a piece of the raw hide can get stuck in their throat or somewhere along the digestive tract.  Only a quick and costly trip to the vet can cure the problem.  In extreme cases, surgery may be required. So instead, feed your Eskie natural and easily digested chews such as real beef chew sticks or real smoked pork chews.

Avoid Real Bones

Many veterinarians advise against feeding your dog real bones like chicken bones, turkey bones, steak bones and ham bones.  With such smaller bones, there is a chance that while chewing the bone, small bone chips can get lodged in the throat or in the digestive tract.  Such lodging might cause tissue to be damaged leading to surgery for repair and removal.

Some veterinarians have advised that it is OK to feed an Eskie with a large bone much like a beef soup bone where the probability of small chipping is minimized.  If you do feed your Eskie with a bone, be sure to watch over him as he chews away.  At the first sign of gagging or choking, remove the bone immediately.  If choking persists, stick your finger down his throat gently to see if you can retrieve whatever piece of bone that is causing the problem. If you can not remove the cause of the choking, take your Eskie to the vet right away.  Never leave an Eskie alone chewing a bone unsupervised.

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