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Stop barking!
How To Train Your American Eskimo Dog
To Stop Barking

I've never heard of an Eskie that didn't just absolutely love to bark. They must be the opera singers of the dog world.

In fact, I think the barking mania that Eskies generally prescribe to must be the reason so many Eskies end up at the pound. People just can't handle the barking.

You can count on your Eskie as your 24/7 "early warning system". Whenever someone or something approaches your house, for example, your Eskie will chime in to let you know.

The trick here is to understand that the barking thing is genetic. This is what they do best. You can not change what's in their genes. All you can do is learn to control it and hone their oratory skills to perfection.

First off, you must understand that your Eskie is guarding you and your home. So when they bark, they are warning you of something. So acknowledge it, thank them for doing their duty and then tell them to stop.

For years I've tried just about every method I've ever heard of to get my Eskies to stop barking. Finally, one day an agility trainer told me of a trick. When I tried it, miraculously it worked. I use it to this day. You won't be disappointed.

When your Eskie barks, check out what they are barking at. Once you realize what they are barking at, tell them "it's OK'. This way you acknowledge that they have done their duty. Then tell them "quiet". They should learn that this word means stop barking. To help them learn the meaning of the word, use a training device.

The clever device I use is a soda pop can. Take an empty soda pop can and put a couple dozen pennies in it. Tape up the top of the can with duct tape so that you can shake the can, the pennies make noise rolling around in the can and do not fall out of the can.

When you say "quiet" and your Eskie does not stop barking, shake the can a few times. Boy, they really hate the sound of the pennies clanking in the can and they will immediately stop dead in their tracks and stop barking.

If you do the shake the can routine a few times when you say "quiet", they will learn to stop barking when they hear that word. Carry the can around with you in a pocket when you first start the training. Even just knowing that the can is close by is a strong enough incentive to stop and think about a barking frenzy before it happens.

With Eskies, if they know the can is around, they behave like little angels. Try this out. You'll be amazed at how well this training device works at controlling barking!

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