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Walks With Your American Eskimo Dog

Walking is good exercise for both you and your American Eskimo dog.  If you're going to be walking in an area around traffic, absolutely keep your dog on a leash.  No matter how well trained, sometimes they see something across the street and may want to run towards whatever it is that attracts them. Not all traffic will stop in time to avoid running over your dog.  Unfortunately many dogs die prematurely from being hit by a car.

While walking your Eskie, it's usually best to have your Eskie attached to a leash so you can control what happens no matter what comes your way. You can give your Eskie a lot of freedom by using a Step-in Harness along with a long flexi-leash that automatically extends and recoils and can be locked in length.  We use 25 foot flexi-leashes which give Eskies lots of room to run and jump and play.

The Step-in Harness

What makes the Step-in Harness better than other harnesses is that the D-rings you attach the leash to are attached to the ends that clip together.  This is very important.  Because if the clips that attach together suddenly pop open, your Eskie is still attached to the leash via the D-rings.  It is harder for your Eskie to escape out of this harness compared to other harnesses.

To put on the harness, simply lay it on the ground as shown above.  Then position your Eskie over the 2 loops.  Put one foot inside one loop and the other front foot into the other loop.  Then lift the ends of the harness up to the top of the back of your Eskies neck and attach the end clips together.

During the first couple of years of life, your Eskie will develop a natural curiosity about the outside world and will have a tendency to wander off exploring.  If you understand that they have this tendency to wander when young, keep them within your eyesight if you are walking off leash.  When they mature around two years of age, the wandering will mostly stop and they will become preoccupied with guarding their master while on walks.

Off-leash Dog Parks - Vancouver Parks Board

Vancouver's well-behaved canine population can take part in special off-leash privileges during specific times at selected Vancouver Parks. Please check the parks listed here for off-leash times. The designated off-leash times and parks (or areas within parks) are not exclusively for dogs but are to be shared with all park users. Owners are responsible for the actions of their dogs.

Burnaby Dog Parks

The following parks have off-leash areas: Confederation Park (year-round), Robert Burnaby Park (year-round), Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park (year-round & seasonal), Barnet Marine Park (seasonal). Seasonal areas are open October 1 to March 31. For more information, please visit Burnaby City Hall.

David Gray Park in South Burnaby just east of Patterson Avenue and north of Rumble Street has a fenced dog park. Google Map  Watch a video of the David Gray fenced dog park.

New Westminster - Fenced Dog Parks

Hume Park
Kelly St near Braid / North Rd
New Westminster, B.C.
Fence along the perimeter of the park in the shape of a dog leg. Not very wide but good and long. Google Map
Queens Park
1st St @ 3rd Ave,
New Westminster, B.C.
Fully fenced and double gated. Google Map
Taylor Park     
corner of Southwynde and Southpoint
New Westminster, B.C.
Fully fenced, double gated, benches, giant bone and fire hydrant,
smaller than Queens Park.  Google Map

North Vancouver Parks

Click here to see a comprehensive list of parks in the City of North Vancouver and North Vancouver District. This list provides links to directions to the park, size information and a picture of the park. Information about on-leash and off-leash dog areas are provided.

Other Fenced and/or Off Leash Parks Around Lower Mainland

Ambleside Beach
Enter from the backside of South Park Royal Mall
West Vancouver, B.C.
Nice walk along the beach. Some areas exposed to traffic in parking lots. This is usually a busy promenade in the spring and summer months. Google Map
Blackie Spit
McBride @ Wickson
Near tennis court
Crescent Beach, B.C.
There is a fenced area and swimming beach area.Google Map
Bramble Park
David @ Panorama
Coquitlam, B.C.
Under BC Hydro power lines but supposedly double gated.
Google Map
Buntzen Lake
Ioco Road up
Anmore, B.C.
Has a a small fenced area that goes into the lake.  Lots of big dogs and virtually no parking in the busy spring and summer months.  Adjacent picnic area does not allow dogs. Google Map
Cultus Lake Provincial Park
Chilliwack, B.C.
Swimming allowed in the Shale Beach area between Jade Bay boat launch and the Entrance Bay and between the boat launch and Maple Bay. More info
Dogwood Park
13485 – 20 Ave,
Surrey, B.C.
Partially fenced. Google Map
Golden Ears Provincial Park
N of Maple Ridge, B.C.
Swimming allowed in the North Beach near the outflow area of Gold Creek into Alouette Lake and at Alouette Lake between the boat launch and the canoe rental shop.
Mundy Park
Mariner Way, Como Lake Ave and Austin Ave
Coquitlam, B.C.
Parking is available on Mariner Way and Chilko. Flat trails.
Google Map
Where To Walk Your Dog In Greater Vancouver This is a good book providing information on:

Over 50 Off-Leash Areas
Hikes and walks for all ages and abilities 
Local Trails, Provincial, Regional and Municipal  Parks  
Instructions on how to get there 
Trail condition and difficulty ratings 
Easy to use format including icons for amenities, facilities 
Both human and dog ratings for each walk 
Over 50 park maps, pictures and charts

Available at some vet clinics and bookstores throughout Greater Vancouver 

ISBN 0-9683117-0-9         $18.95

If you are having difficulty locating this book, you can place an order at a bookstore using the ISBN number provided above or  contact the publishers directly:

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